Linksys was showing off their two new products. The EtherFast Cable/DSL Router, and their 10/100 4 port switch, which includes a print server. The EtherFast Cable/DSL Router includes a 4 port 10/100 switch. The router also includes a DHCP server, and has IP blocking. The product comes in a rugged plastic enclosure with a slick blue front face. A full LED read out is on the face of the router, including read-outs for link and activity for the WAN and LAN ports along with Partition and Collision for the LAN ports. We will have a full review on this product soon.

EtherFast Cable/DSL Router

EtherFast 4 Port 10/100
Switch & Print Server

On Wednesday, I trucked on up to the Riviera to meet up with the VideoLogic fellas, and checked out their goods. VideoLogic is just starting to enter the U.S. market after a success in Europe. We took a look at their various speaker lines, and their Neon 250 video card, and finally their DVD card. They have a few different lines of speakers coming into the U.S. from 2 channels right up to 5.1, which includes a Dolby Digital decoder with a remote control unit. We did a bit of testing on the PowerVR Neon 250. It did 32 FPS at 1024 in Quake3 (normal settings), at 32bit color, and 40 FPS at 16bit color. The clock on the Neon 250, according to their PR guy, is 125/125 core/memory. They also have the PowerVR3 up their sleeves; more details will follow on this soon.

Sirocco Crossfire

DigiTheatre Receiver

DigiThretre 5.1

Neon 250

Sirocco Spirit

Sirocco PRO

Altec Lansing
Altec Lansing had some nifty new products at the show as well, including their slimline 3 channel system named "ATP3", which sounds quite nice. The unit puts out 25 watts, and features a solid wood cabinet, more than likely made from MDF (medium density fiberboard). They also had a new microphone called the "Intellimic". The selling feature of this mic is its special noise reduction technology. What this does is allow the user to speak into the mic, and only what the user is saying will be heard. So all background noise is filtered out, and it works VERY well. This technology is going to be most beneficial for internet telephony and anything where feedback and background noise is a problem. The mic's construction quality seemed awesome, very solid, and sturdy, which is hard to find in a PC mic. It will retail at or around $99.00.

ATP3 Satellites

ATP3 Complete System


In terms of multimedia, as you can see, there really wasn't all that much to see this year. The biggest announcement, of course, was the 3Dfx V4/V5 technology. The new year will probably bring a few new products, along with the much anticipated Windows 2000. Well, that's a wrap on my short summary of Comdex '99.


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