Toshiba's tablet-PC solution is called the Portege 3500 and is a convertible notebook design. Convertible notebook systems involve a design similar to typical notebooks but fold around to convert to a tablet-PC. In the case of the Portege 3500, the system opens up like a notebook system and the system can be used in this configuration. However, rotate the screen...

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and the system folds back on itself to become at tablet.

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The unit is based on a Pentium III-M 1.33GHz processor and includes a 12" display, 128MB of memory, integrated 802.11b and Bluetooth, and 20-60GB hard drive. The surprising specification of the Portege 3500 is its size: the unit is no bigger than a typical thin-and-light notebook system but offers functionality that no thin-in-light alone can provide.

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