Although its two 4K displays drew the most attention at Computex this year, ASUS was very proud of its upcoming PA279Q display. The 27-inch IPS display features a 2560 x 1440 panel, but will ship fully calibrated from the factory. ASUS anticipates having a delta E less than 2 and 100% sRGB coverage out of box. 

The price point will be higher than the influx of Korean 27-inch 2560 x 1440 panels, but ASUS hopes that the factory color calibration will help offset the premium. There's no word on final price or availability.

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  • beginner99 - Monday, June 10, 2013 - link

    looks extremely ugly...
  • Harby - Monday, June 10, 2013 - link

    That's because of the hood which you can obviously remove. Anyway this is meant for color-critical works, not gaming. Professionals hardly care about the looks.
  • LordOfTheBoired - Monday, June 10, 2013 - link

    Ah, that's a hood. That makes more sense.

    The front-on view makes it look like it has a weird melted-plastic aesthetic in the bezel.
  • Visual - Monday, June 10, 2013 - link

    True, you can probably remove it, but why did they even put such a misunderstanding around it in the first place?
  • Death666Angel - Monday, June 10, 2013 - link

    You don't seem to spend much time with color calibrated monitors. Every Nec and Eizo I know that caters to professionals has that hood to stop light from flowing into the monitor and keep the colors accurate that way.
  • Razorbak86 - Wednesday, June 12, 2013 - link

    Too bad they didn't include some photos that clearly define the shroud. Oh wait!

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