Synergy between devices is one of the next major phases in the evolution of mobile computing. We've seen smartphone-as-a-remote apps for both Android and iOS, but today Microsoft announced the Xbox Companion App for Windows Phone 7. When it's released, the Companion App will let you browse for content on Xbox Live, select it and command your Xbox 360 to play it. The Companion App acts as a remote control for your Xbox 360, perhaps solving the issue of having to occasionally type a lot of info via a standard Xbox 360 controller or remote.

No word yet on availability.

Source: The Windows Phone Blog

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    Mark this post and my words. MS is going to hit a home run with Win8 on the desktop, tablet and phone. They will integrate all three to run regualr desktop apps and connect to all their devices (xbox, Exchange, Bing, etc). Only MS is positioned to pull it all together in a professional way and make the experience not only useful but powerful and enterprise worthy. Other companies have a piece of the pie but can't deliver....MS may come late to market, but like Xbox they will DOMINATE once they arrive.

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