We already published some of our travels concerning CES a few days ago and hopefully, you also had a chance to check out the keynote last week too. To supplement our coverage, we put together our notes and took some time to reflect and build inferences on what we saw at the show. CES gives us a great opportunity to take everything working together, and not just a single slice of technology to which we are accustomed in standalone product reviews. A perfect example of this was when we walked through a particular booth to see a ViewSonic 20" LCD running on a next generation Shuttle SFF XPC, which is running Microsoft's MCE 2005 over a Belkin 802.11 Pre-N hotspot. Just merely mentioning those terms a few years ago would have given you a custom-fitted straight jacket, but here we are today, running them all interpolating together in a booth that imports LED lights from China, of all things.

Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to bump into Larry Page, like Anand, or Bill Gates, like Wesley, so the highlight of my trip to Vegas this year was getting to ride the monorail around Wynn's new billion dollar hotel.

On a completely unrelated note, we have some awesome coverage of Silicon Image's suite, which we will be following up in a separate article. So for those of you who are as excited about HDMI as I am, stay tuned for the article!

Case and Cooling
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  • LoneWolf15 - Friday, January 14, 2005 - link

    That ASUS case is horrible. Looks like they paid Ferrari to puke on it.

    I don't think the hardware companies understand if we want something to look outrageous, we'll do it ourselves and make it unique. Personally, I want a case that looks sleek, but is a regular box, where it's easy to remove and replace peripherals, drives, mainboards, PSUs, where cooling is good but quiet if possible. I think manufacturers should look at why Antec, Lian Li, Silverstone, and some other brands are the cases we love --because they make it good and solid instead of concentrating on miserable attempts at eye candy.
  • Dranzerk - Friday, January 14, 2005 - link

    #2 Kingwin still makes a nice case, they update it every so often to look more appealing.

    Im going to get that one, clean look, and priced around $80-100 if you shop around.
  • blckgrffn - Friday, January 14, 2005 - link

    No kidding. I have bought Antec after Antec recently, just because of their clean good looks and price point. Are there any case manufacturers listening? (Other than Lian-Li and Coolermaster, which both make beautiful cases IMO, but where is aluminum + 12cm fans?)
  • Dranzerk - Friday, January 14, 2005 - link

    What is it with case manufactors and "gaming" cases?

    Looks like they got the drawer of Voltron to make up cases, they look cheap, unappealing, and worst stupid ugly.

    Its like a bad dream seeing so many fugly cases now.

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