09:32PM EDT - AMD is on a hell of a ride. With the public still wanting more information about Zen 2 and Navi from the CES announcements, Dr. Lisa Su will be taking to the stage here at Computex 2019 to deliver the show's lead-off CEO keynote, a first for AMD. We're all here ready to give you the details, stay tuned for our Live Blog. It starts at 10am local time, 10pm ET, 02:00 UTC.

09:34PM EDT - Gavin, Anton, and I are here, ready to go. 25 minutes to start

09:40PM EDT - The keynote area Taitra has for AMD seats 650. I was ticket number 2500 when I registered. They've put in an overflow room upstairs

09:45PM EDT - Looks like all the non-VIP seats are taken

09:49PM EDT - 10 minutes to go

09:50PM EDT - This presentation is going to start with a small Taitra presentation, then Lisa will come on stage

09:52PM EDT - Here's the official livestream of the event. Don't forget to have our commentary side by side: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jy0Q75xCwDU

09:58PM EDT - two minutes to go

10:02PM EDT - Final touches

10:03PM EDT - OK, here we go

10:03PM EDT - 'Computex has prepared to go above and beyond your expectations'

10:03PM EDT - Walter Yeh, CEO of Taitra to the stage

10:04PM EDT - This year, Computex is kicking off with the first keynote speech

10:04PM EDT - Computex is a partnership between Taitra and TCA

10:05PM EDT - Newer and newer engines drive innovation

10:05PM EDT - The semiconductor is the engine of this generation

10:06PM EDT - Taiwan and Computex Taipei participates in this revolution from the beginning

10:06PM EDT - This month is the 50th anniversary of AMD

10:06PM EDT - AMD is a pioneer in semiconductors

10:06PM EDT - Long time business partner with Taiwan

10:06PM EDT - Next-Gen computing

10:07PM EDT - Compuetx has played an important role in ICT, as Taiwan is a home to leading Semicon and Tech companies

10:07PM EDT - Entering a new era of innovation

10:07PM EDT - Always transforming and evolving, to maintain position as an innovator

10:08PM EDT - Last year, WEF ranked Taiwan as one of the top four of the super innovators, alongside Germany, US, and Switzerland

10:08PM EDT - Taiwan has a strong startup ecosystem

10:08PM EDT - Computex helps build global ecosystems

10:09PM EDT - Focusing on 5G, AI, IoT, BlockChain, Gaming, VR, Innovations, Startups

10:09PM EDT - Computex is expanding every year. New Nangang Hall 2 to provide new capacity

10:09PM EDT - 1685 exhibitors, 30 countries, 5508 booths. Up 10% on booths this year

10:10PM EDT - Computex also has InnoVEX for supply chain

10:11PM EDT - Biggest startup platform in Asia

10:11PM EDT - Keynotes this year from AMD, Intel, Microsoft

10:12PM EDT - Also now a Taipei 5G Summit

10:12PM EDT - (sorry, the lighting is really odd on the stage

10:13PM EDT - )

10:13PM EDT - 'For the next 5 years... er days, you will see at Computex'

10:13PM EDT - >If it's 5 years, I better tell the family

10:14PM EDT - Now announcing Dr. Lisa Su, CEO and President of AMD

10:14PM EDT - 'AMD is high performance compute people use every day'

10:14PM EDT - Launching worlds first 7nm CPU and GPU this year

10:15PM EDT - Major impact on the market

10:15PM EDT - In 2014, Su took over as CEO

10:15PM EDT - Has led the company to a number of achievements

10:15PM EDT - World Class and globally recognized business leader

10:15PM EDT - First ever AMD Keynote at Computex

10:15PM EDT - Lisa to the stage

10:15PM EDT - Video time

10:16PM EDT - 'architecting the future of gamign'

10:16PM EDT - 'AMD'

10:17PM EDT - Wonderful to be here in Taipei to open Computex press conference

10:17PM EDT - Computex is a magical show

10:18PM EDT - 50 year anniversary a few weeks ago on May 1st

10:18PM EDT - History of AMD - A Vision to push tech to its limits

10:18PM EDT - industry first to new technologies

10:19PM EDT - 2000 - 1st GHz CPU

10:19PM EDT - 2009 - first 1 GHz GPU

10:19PM EDT - 2018 - world first 7nm GPU

10:19PM EDT - Next 50 years is going to be more exciting than the first 50

10:19PM EDT - Demands for better experiences and more compute

10:20PM EDT - Lots of devices, lots of data

10:20PM EDT - AMD has one goal. To lead the industry

10:20PM EDT - AMD has to think differently about pushing the envelope

10:21PM EDT - AMD performs well in high-performance markets

10:21PM EDT - Datacenter, Gaming, PCs

10:21PM EDT - All of these are growth areas for AMD

10:21PM EDT - new technologies make a huge difference

10:21PM EDT - Being in semicon requires making big bets

10:21PM EDT - AMD has been making big bets

10:21PM EDT - high performance leadership - 7nm, Navi, chiplets

10:22PM EDT - AMD has chosen to be on the leading edge of process tech

10:22PM EDT - Partnering with TSMC

10:22PM EDT - they have the best process technology in the industry

10:22PM EDT - High performance Cores: Zen2 + Navi

10:22PM EDT - Today is about Zen 2, and Navi

10:23PM EDT - TO give an idea of the high performance engines to power the next decade

10:23PM EDT - It means putting the best tech in the best silicon in the best package in the best system = chiplets

10:23PM EDT - Today at Computex: Rome, Navi, Ryzen 3rd Gen

10:24PM EDT - Starting with Rome

10:24PM EDT - Video time

10:24PM EDT - EPYC

10:25PM EDT - All about the compute

10:25PM EDT - Datacenter helps the world save the worlds greatest challenges

10:25PM EDT - It all needs compute horsepower

10:25PM EDT - Two years ago, introduced EPYC

10:25PM EDT - AMD wanted to change the rules.

10:26PM EDT - More than 60 EPYC Platforms from many partners

10:26PM EDT - Globally, the largest enterprise deployments have EPYC. More than 50 cloud instances

10:26PM EDT - AMD are engineer that like to solve problems

10:27PM EDT - AMD was selected by Oak Ridge with Cray to build a 1.5 exaflop supercomputer. Frontier expected to be the world fastest sueprcomputer

10:27PM EDT - Using future generation EPYC and future generation Radeon Instinct

10:27PM EDT - The goal is to have the most powerful supercomputer in 2021 built on AMD

10:27PM EDT - (confirms Milan for 2021 then?)

10:28PM EDT - Video time

10:30PM EDT - First annoucnement of the morning

10:30PM EDT - Azure HB Virtual Machines. 1st EPYC HPC Cloud Offering

10:30PM EDT - Largest Scale CFD Sim in Cloud, more than 11500 EPYC cores. First customer got 7500x speed up using EPYC in cloud compared to before

10:30PM EDT - Update on Rome

10:31PM EDT - Built on 7nm, up to 64 Zen 2 cores, Compute/IO

10:31PM EDT - 4xFP per socket vs 1st gen, PCIe 4.0

10:31PM EDT - Forrest Norrod, SVP and GM of AMD Data Center to the stage

10:32PM EDT - Rome benchmark - 2S Rome getting 19.61ns/day, 2S 8280 gets 9.72ns/day

10:32PM EDT - AMD vs Intel

10:32PM EDT - Protein modelling and molecular dynamics

10:33PM EDT - 2x number of Rome platforms in development compared to Naples

10:33PM EDT - Coming in Q3

10:34PM EDT - Now for graphics

10:34PM EDT - 'for the future of gaming'

10:34PM EDT - PC, Console, and Cloud


10:35PM EDT - 'AMD Radeon is Everywhere'

10:35PM EDT - Over 400 million gamers today on Radeon

10:35PM EDT - PC, Notebooks, Apple, Consoles, Stadia

10:36PM EDT - Radeon Vega Momentum - Radeon VIII and Instinct MI60. Both 7nm

10:36PM EDT - Continue to see Vega in large compute intensive workloads

10:37PM EDT - Gamers are special. Over 2 billion gamers in the world. PC to smartphone

10:37PM EDT - Gamers are incredibly demanding

10:37PM EDT - Need performance in every form factor

10:37PM EDT - Need to build a GPU architecture to build it all

10:37PM EDT - Navi

10:37PM EDT - New family of Radeon GPUs

10:38PM EDT - Navi is in the next gen playstation

10:38PM EDT - Navi and Zen 2

10:38PM EDT - Revolutionizing the console for the next decade

10:39PM EDT - All new RDNA architecture (Radeon DNA)

10:39PM EDT - Faster clock speed, more performance at lower power

10:39PM EDT - NAVI is PCIe 4.0

10:40PM EDT - AMD has a long history of GPU architectures

10:40PM EDT - GCN will stay with compute workload applications

10:40PM EDT - AMD designed Zen in CPUs it was time for a from-scratch design for the future. The same thing for RDNA

10:40PM EDT - RDNA is the architecture that will power gaming for the next decade

10:41PM EDT - New Compute Unit Design, Improved Efficiency and increased IPC

10:41PM EDT - Multi-Level Cache Hierarchy - reduced latency, higher bandwidth, lower power

10:41PM EDT - Streamed graphics pipeline - optimized for performance per clock and high clock speed

10:41PM EDT - (so moving away from compute?)

10:42PM EDT - RDNA vs Vega, 1.25x perf/clock and 1.5x perf/watt

10:42PM EDT - 1.25x is architectural efficiency

10:43PM EDT - Announcing Radeon RX5000 Family

10:43PM EDT - '50'00 for AMD 50 birthday

10:43PM EDT - First Navi GPU on stage

10:44PM EDT - Some Navi in action too

10:44PM EDT - Strange Brigade

10:44PM EDT - RTX 2070 vs Navi RX 5000 Series

10:45PM EDT - about +10% perf in favor of Navi

10:45PM EDT - RX5700 GPU

10:46PM EDT - This is a preview

10:46PM EDT - Navi available in July

10:46PM EDT - More info at Navi on June 10th at E3

10:46PM EDT - Details about products and pricing on June 10th

10:47PM EDT - Now for Ryzen

10:47PM EDT - and the PC Market

10:48PM EDT - 1.5 Billion PC Users

10:48PM EDT - PC users want Performance, Energy Efficiency, Upgradeability, Gaming, Content Creation

10:48PM EDT - AMD has invested heavily in the PC market

10:48PM EDT - more innovation to be had in PCs

10:49PM EDT - PC market has subcategories of users. Consumers, Enthusiasts, Creators

10:49PM EDT - Each of the segments focus on different qualities

10:50PM EDT - The PC market, more than any other market, requires a tremendous ecosystem

10:50PM EDT - Microsoft to the stage

10:50PM EDT - Sorry, just a partner announcement

10:51PM EDT - Nope, Microsoft to the stage

10:51PM EDT - Roanne Sones, CVP OS Platforms

10:51PM EDT - PCs are everywhere

10:51PM EDT - PCs have to be safe and secure

10:52PM EDT - Powered by silicon and compute. CPU, GPU, and custom

10:52PM EDT - A wave of new experiences

10:52PM EDT - Deep partnership with Microsoft from Console to Cloud

10:52PM EDT - Ryzen helped move the needle in how Microsoft and AMD work together

10:53PM EDT - Ryzen integrated into every price point

10:54PM EDT - Ryzen family is going to hit 50% of modern devices this year

10:55PM EDT - Exciting things around the corner

10:55PM EDT - Partnerships only get deeper with time

10:55PM EDT - 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen Mobile Processors

10:55PM EDT - Launched at CES. Many more OEM systems here at Computex

10:56PM EDT - Acer, Lenovo, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo

10:56PM EDT - ASUS, Joe Hsieh to the stage

10:57PM EDT - COO

10:57PM EDT - ROG Ecosystem with wide range of AMD products

10:58PM EDT - ROG Zephyrus G GA502, ROG Strix X470-F Gaming, ROG Strix XG438Q, ROG Strix Radeon RX590

10:58PM EDT - ROG Strix GL10DH with AMD, launched today

10:59PM EDT - One of the first systems with Ryzen 3rd Gen

10:59PM EDT - New ASUS X570 Motherboards

10:59PM EDT - New legacy for X570

10:59PM EDT - Launch today latest X570

11:00PM EDT - Special tuning for memory, dedicated power for high-core count CPUs, 30 designs for customers

11:00PM EDT - (30 motherboards? Wat)

11:00PM EDT - ASUS 30 year anniversary this year

11:00PM EDT - Acer now to the stage

11:01PM EDT - Jerry Kao, COO of Acer

11:02PM EDT - AMD = Astonishing Miracle Delivery

11:02PM EDT - Predator Helios 500, 23k Geekbench score

11:03PM EDT - New Nitro 5 AMD notebook with latest Ryzen mobile

11:04PM EDT - Nitro 5 with Ryzen and Radeon

11:05PM EDT - Also Gaming Displays with FreeSync 2 HDR

11:05PM EDT - Nitro 50 desktops with AMD

11:06PM EDT - Broad product line with AMD - education, chromebook, thin and light, mainstream

11:06PM EDT - Gaming Desktops with 3rd Gen Ryzen

11:07PM EDT - Available very soon

11:07PM EDT - with Navi too

11:08PM EDT - Now for Matisse

11:08PM EDT - 3rd Gen Ryzen

11:08PM EDT - Video time

11:09PM EDT - Introducing today at Comptuex 2019: 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen Desktop Processor Family

11:09PM EDT - AMD was not satisfied with 1st/2nd gen Ryzen

11:09PM EDT - Needed to push the envelope on desktop

11:10PM EDT - New 7nm Zen 2 core, 3rd Gen on AM4, World's first PCIe 4.0 PC Platform

11:10PM EDT - Zen 2 Core PC Benefits

11:10PM EDT - The Core is the engine of the CPU, and Zen 2 is an incredible Core

11:11PM EDT - 2x Floating Performance - faster perf in creative workloads

11:11PM EDT - 2x cache size - reduced memory latency for gaming

11:12PM EDT - +15% IPC over Zen

11:12PM EDT - IPC lifts all applications

11:12PM EDT - Start with Ryzen 7 3700X

11:13PM EDT - 8C/16T, 65W TDP

11:13PM EDT - 3.6G Base, 4.4G Boost

11:13PM EDT - All in 65W!!!!! amazin'

11:13PM EDT - +15% gain in Cinebench R20 over Ryzen 7 2700X

11:13PM EDT - +18% MT in same test

11:14PM EDT - All in 40W less TDP

11:14PM EDT - On stage CBR20 test

11:15PM EDT - 9700K vs 3700X

11:15PM EDT - 3700X scores 4806cb

11:15PM EDT - 9700K scores 3726cb

11:16PM EDT - +1% gain in ST against 9700K

11:16PM EDT - Now Ryzen 7 3800X. 8C/16T, 3.9G Base, 4.5G Turbo, 105W TDP

11:17PM EDT - 3800X gives +15% gaming performance over 2700X

11:18PM EDT - 3800X matching the performance of the 9900K in PUBG

11:18PM EDT - CPU + GPU with PCIe 4.0

11:18PM EDT - Showing 3800X with RX5700 and X570 motherboard demo

11:18PM EDT - World's first PCIe 4.0 demo with CPU and GPU

11:19PM EDT - 9900K + 2080Ti vs 3800X vs RX5700 in a Gen 3 vs Gen 4 dedicated test

11:19PM EDT - 14 FPS vs 25 FPS

11:19PM EDT - 67% potential uplift from Gen 4

11:19PM EDT - Performance numbers

11:20PM EDT - In ST, AMD is at (or better) than the competition

11:20PM EDT - Broad ecosystem readiness. 56 X570 Launch Motherboards

11:21PM EDT - One more thing this morning

11:21PM EDT - Goign beyond 8 cores

11:21PM EDT - Announcing Ryzen 9

11:21PM EDT - Two chiplets

11:23PM EDT - Ryzen 9 3900X - 12C/24T, 105W TDP, 3.8 GHz Base, 4.6 GHz Boost

11:23PM EDT - 4 MB L2 + 64MB L3

11:23PM EDT - 9920X vs 3900X testing

11:24PM EDT - 32 secs on Ryzen 9 in blender test vs 38 seconds on Intel 9920X

11:24PM EDT - +14% ST performance on Ryzen 9 vs i9-9920X for 60W lower TDP

11:25PM EDT - Now pricing

11:25PM EDT - 3700X for $329

11:26PM EDT - 3800X for $399

11:26PM EDT - 3900X for $499

11:27PM EDT - (9920X is $1199)

11:27PM EDT - 3900X is +32% single thread over 1800X

11:27PM EDT - 3900X is +100% MT perf against 1800X

11:28PM EDT - Release date?

11:28PM EDT - July 7th

11:28PM EDT - 7nm CPU on 7/7

11:28PM EDT - Which is a Sunday, but AMD doesn't care

11:29PM EDT - That's a wrap

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  • Chaitanya - Sunday, May 26, 2019 - link

    Just wait for it.
  • Makaveli - Sunday, May 26, 2019 - link

    Maybe you missed this Teckk.

    10:47PM EDT - Now for Ryzen

    10:46PM EDT - Details about products and pricing on June 10th
  • Teckk - Sunday, May 26, 2019 - link

    My bad, posted too early.
  • Teckk - Sunday, May 26, 2019 - link

    So this is the 9900K at 65W. 10nm hitting Intel gradually
  • Chaitanya - Monday, May 27, 2019 - link

    Intel 10nm is a vaporware, just a smokescreen used to please its investors.
  • Jorgp2 - Sunday, May 26, 2019 - link

    Damn, Lisa looks wird in high heels and jeans
  • KOneJ - Sunday, May 26, 2019 - link

  • 12345 - Sunday, May 26, 2019 - link

    Damn Lisa is such a tease. She keeps saying "Ryzen 9 Family" and only announces a 12 core part.
  • danielfranklin - Monday, May 27, 2019 - link

    AMD 5700 series?
    We have seen that before....
    No 5800 series yet?
    Come on, use the 5770/5750 model numbers again, back to the glory days!
  • zodiacfml - Monday, May 27, 2019 - link

    Brings back memories of the Athlon 1GHz and the Pentium 4 debacle, those overclocked Pentium Ms that are as good as Pentium 4s at significantly less power consumption, then turns out that those Athlons performs similarly to the Pentium Ms.
    AMD is going to be in a healthy position for at least 1-2 years.

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