09:51AM EDT - We're readying up for a Live Blog of the Microsoft event in NYC. Panos Panay is expected to take to the stage, with Major Nelson from the Xbox team in tow (we believe) for some new announcements. The presentation is set to start at 10am ET, and we'll fire up the Live Blog as it starts!

09:54AM EDT - Less than 10 minutes to go

09:55AM EDT - Apparently MS are doing hospitality right for press attending the event direct. Power, USB power, ethernet cables and USB-to-Ethernet adaptors.

09:55AM EDT - That sets a high bar

09:56AM EDT - Last year, the event WiFi was continually breaking - so there are provisions this time for the media

09:56AM EDT - Some rumors abound that there will be hardware announced

09:57AM EDT - We've heard lots about potential specifications, but there's been a lot of chatter and not all of it entirely clear. Will wait until the announcements on stage for confirmation

10:01AM EDT - For anyone wanting to watch the stream direct, http://news.microsoft.com/microsoft-event-2016/#MTbRsTKvwepxdAGW.97

10:01AM EDT - And it begins, with a video

10:02AM EDT - 'New experiences'

10:02AM EDT - 'Blind mode to help programming for accessibility'

10:03AM EDT - 'everyone can participate'

10:03AM EDT - Terry Myerson on stage

10:04AM EDT - 'Each of us gets to reap the benefits of technology'

10:04AM EDT - 'We challenge our employees to deliver on our mission to empower every person and every organization'

10:04AM EDT - 'Every user is multidimensional, multilayered'

10:05AM EDT - 'You might invent, you might create art, you might be a professional'

10:05AM EDT - 'We're inspired by every user with our products'

10:06AM EDT - A couple of case studies about the varied Win10 user base

10:07AM EDT - Pearson is using Hololens to train students

10:07AM EDT - 'We want Windows to be the place where you work and where you play'

10:08AM EDT - 'We've been continually updating Windows to protect your data and your identity'

10:08AM EDT - '200 billion hours logged on Windows 10'

10:09AM EDT - '15 months and 400 million users'

10:09AM EDT - Announcing next Win10 version, free for every Win10 device, in the Spring

10:09AM EDT - 'Win10 Creators Update'

10:10AM EDT - Three main areas

10:10AM EDT - #1 Mixed Reality - VR, AR, Holo

10:10AM EDT - #2 Gaming - In-game broadcasting and 4K

10:10AM EDT - #3 Social Connectivity

10:11AM EDT - 'Empowering everyone to be a 3D creator'

10:11AM EDT - 'Today, productivity is mainly 2D - spreadsheets, emails'

10:11AM EDT - 'Next generation is growing up with 3D'

10:11AM EDT - 'Moving and editing in 3D'

10:12AM EDT - 'Help users with 3D to accelerate creating and education'

10:12AM EDT - Basically, Minecraft is a big reference point

10:13AM EDT - Another video about creating/art in 3D

10:14AM EDT - Megan Saunders on stage

10:14AM EDT - 'We create to tell stories and solve problems'

10:14AM EDT - 'If we can unlock 3D creativity, we can unlock a new era of innovation'

10:14AM EDT - 'A new era of computing that enables everyone to achieve more'

10:15AM EDT - Announcing, '3D for Everyone'

10:15AM EDT - Another video

10:15AM EDT - A class handing out Surface Pro units to each student...

10:16AM EDT - I'm pretty sure there was a youtuber in the video for a second

10:17AM EDT - Scanning and importing 3D objects into an artistic program

10:17AM EDT - '80% of 12-24 believe creativity is one of the most important things'

10:18AM EDT - 'We want to enable them to connect their ideas to their screens'

10:18AM EDT - 'We want to make 3D creation as simple as taking a photo'

10:19AM EDT - 'Today is limited to taking photos and videos'

10:19AM EDT - Windows 3D Capture experience

10:19AM EDT - 'An app that lets you walk around something and it'll capture points of the object and save it as a model'

10:19AM EDT - Using HP Elite x3

10:20AM EDT - Now MSPaint

10:20AM EDT - 100m users every month

10:20AM EDT - 'Paint was the first digital arts package most people used'

10:20AM EDT - Announcing with the update: Paint 3D

10:21AM EDT - Common scenario in Paint is cropping

10:21AM EDT - Turing a crop into a 3D memory

10:21AM EDT - The scanned sandcastle is now an object in Paint 3D

10:22AM EDT - Moving objects into the right depth of the image

10:22AM EDT - Remix3D.com - a community for Paint 3D

10:23AM EDT - Take objects out of minecraft and place into Paint 3D or 3D print them

10:23AM EDT - Import objects from SketchUp

10:24AM EDT - 'Boards' allow saving objects across the community into groups

10:25AM EDT - Adding various objects to the 3D scence

10:25AM EDT - Doodle takes any 2D sketch and turns it into 3D

10:26AM EDT - Creating personal 3D emojis

10:26AM EDT - All the 2D pens and pencils work on any 3D object

10:27AM EDT - Sticker tool takes any 2D image and stamps it onto a 3D image

10:27AM EDT - Direct publishing to the community / facebook

10:28AM EDT - '3D accelerates comprehension'

10:28AM EDT - 'Over the next year, 3D will be implemented into most MS applications'

10:28AM EDT - Powerpoint demo

10:29AM EDT - Added 'Insert 3D model' to Powerpoint

10:29AM EDT - 'With 3D, can change perspective and scale/orientation on the fly'

10:29AM EDT - Also, animation

10:30AM EDT - also, 3D transitions

10:30AM EDT - mix and match 2D/3D content

10:31AM EDT - 'Taking 3D content and breaking it from the screens with Hololens'

10:32AM EDT - 'Edge will fully embrace 3D'

10:32AM EDT - 'Edge and Hololens will allow for mixed reality'

10:33AM EDT - 'Sandcastle back on stage as a hologram'

10:33AM EDT - Houzz users can use Hololens to preview products in their home before they buy

10:34AM EDT - 'Knowing that the chair will fit'

10:34AM EDT - A set of VR accessories coming to the PC

10:35AM EDT - 'VR spaces'

10:35AM EDT - '2D in a VR environment

10:36AM EDT - Changing the VR space to Rome with HoloTour

10:37AM EDT - This space is interactive

10:38AM EDT - Terry back on stage

10:38AM EDT - 'MS' partners will be shipping VR headsets'

10:39AM EDT - each headset will be 6DOF

10:39AM EDT - starting $299

10:39AM EDT - '3D for everyone'

10:39AM EDT - Now gaming

10:40AM EDT - Video of League of Legends championship

10:40AM EDT - 'Gamers are spending 2x time watching people over playing themselves'

10:41AM EDT - 'Microsofts long term commitment to gaming'

10:41AM EDT - Win10 is geared towards eSports and broadcasting

10:42AM EDT - Jenn McCoy from the Xbox Team on stage

10:42AM EDT - Three announcements for gamers

10:43AM EDT - Game Broadcasting in W10

10:44AM EDT - 'Broadcasting can be intimidating to set up'

10:44AM EDT - 'Creator's Update brings Broadcasting direct into Windows'

10:45AM EDT - Win+G then click to broadcast to Beam

10:45AM EDT - 'Virtually no lag'

10:46AM EDT - 'Xbox Live tells my friends I'm broadcasting'

10:46AM EDT - Now custom tournaments

10:47AM EDT - Announcement: With the update, players can create custom tournaments with Arena on XBL

10:48AM EDT - 'Arena does the tracking for you'

10:49AM EDT - The service will take the admin out of the equation

10:49AM EDT - Doesn't matter which device is used

10:50AM EDT - 'Xbox One S outsold other consoles in prominent markets for 3 months'

10:50AM EDT - Running Forza on a 4K HDR display... just running

10:50AM EDT - Reiterating Xbox Anywhere

10:51AM EDT - Using Xbox One S to watch 4K content

10:51AM EDT - Announcement: Bitstream audio passthrough with Dolby Atmos support on BluRay is coming with the Update

10:52AM EDT - Terry back on stage

10:52AM EDT - 'Magic happens when we collaborate'

10:52AM EDT - 'People today are confined with the specific app they use'

10:53AM EDT - Allison O'Mahoney on stage

10:53AM EDT - 'People are at the center of Windows'

10:53AM EDT - 'What started with email is now a patchwork of apps and services'

10:54AM EDT - 'Growing social networks comes at a cost - complexity'

10:54AM EDT - 'Most interactions are with a few key individuals'

10:54AM EDT - 'What would it mean to prioritize the important people when we collaborate'

10:55AM EDT - A faster way to share with a few key people, basically

10:55AM EDT - Creator's update allows users to drag content to an icon on the screen to share it to a person

10:56AM EDT - 'Windows apps will understand the context of important people'

10:57AM EDT - 'It's all too easy to miss communications from the important people'

10:57AM EDT - Update will bring multiple communication programs together and prioritize the important people

10:57AM EDT - E.g. Skype, Mail, XBL, Skype for Business

10:58AM EDT - 'cut through the noise so you never miss a moment'

10:59AM EDT - Win10 introduces shoulder taps

10:59AM EDT - Basically, sharing emoji with important people

10:59AM EDT - Remember when MSN had the 'buzz' feature? Feels like that a bit

11:01AM EDT - That's it for the Creator's Update. Due Spring, early builds for insiders this week

11:01AM EDT - Now onto hardware and devices

11:02AM EDT - 'It's all about the creators at any price point in any form factor'

11:02AM EDT - 'Achieving potential

11:02AM EDT - 'Opportunities arise with new form factors'

11:03AM EDT - 'Device and software has to work perfectly'

11:03AM EDT - Panos Panay on stage

11:04AM EDT - Video about inspiration through creation

11:05AM EDT - 'Creating Surface on a Surface'

11:05AM EDT - 'The products are meant to be seamless in your life'

11:06AM EDT - 'Surface Pro 4 versatility'

11:07AM EDT - Surface Pen is like a Basketball - intuitive

11:07AM EDT - 'Users who grew up on pen and paper are creating again with Surface'

11:08AM EDT - 'The 'which device do I need' question has disappeared with the 2-in-1'

11:08AM EDT - Last year was the Surface Book

11:09AM EDT - Surface has highest user satisfaction from any laptop device

11:09AM EDT - *Surface Book

11:10AM EDT - 'Kids don't need paper and pencil to share'

11:11AM EDT - 'Gamers want more frame rate'

11:11AM EDT - 'Engineers don't want lag'

11:11AM EDT - Everyone asks for battery life

11:12AM EDT - 'Took Surface Book i7, then added more, in the same chassis'

11:12AM EDT - video

11:13AM EDT - Has 2x graphics power

11:13AM EDT - so GTX 1060?

11:13AM EDT - 1.9 TFLOPs

11:14AM EDT - Updated CPU

11:14AM EDT - More than just dropping in a new processor

11:14AM EDT - Surface Book needs to be proud to hold

11:14AM EDT - Added second fan to give better performance longer

11:15AM EDT - More batteries too

11:15AM EDT - 16hr battery life

11:15AM EDT - Per weight, most powerful laptop

11:15AM EDT - Oct 26th $2399 preorder, Avail november

11:16AM EDT - Surface Pro 4 from $899, Surface Book from $1499

11:16AM EDT - New product

11:17AM EDT - Time to announce, the....

11:17AM EDT - 'it takes everything one step further'

11:17AM EDT - 'Looks familiar, but feels different'

11:17AM EDT - Surface Studio

11:18AM EDT - An all-in-one ?

11:18AM EDT - 28-inch

11:18AM EDT - LCD display

11:18AM EDT - 270W

11:18AM EDT - Quad core i7

11:18AM EDT - 32GB DDR4, GTX 980M, 2TB PCIe SSD

11:19AM EDT - also, Surface dial, like a BMW thing

11:20AM EDT - 'Thinnest LCD'

11:20AM EDT - 'Build for professionals'

11:20AM EDT - Basically aimed square at the iMac

11:20AM EDT - 3:2 Aspect Ratio

11:21AM EDT - Fully Alu enclosure

11:21AM EDT - 12.5mm thin touch screen

11:22AM EDT - 13.5 million pixels (4500x3000)

11:23AM EDT - 'TrueColor'

11:24AM EDT - Color calibrated

11:24AM EDT - Different color modes for DCI-P3 and sRGB

11:25AM EDT - switch on the fly

11:25AM EDT - 192 PPI

11:27AM EDT - Can scale two full 8.5x11 pages on the screen

11:27AM EDT - 'True Scale: one inch on the display is one inch in real life'

11:28AM EDT - Hardware in the base

11:28AM EDT - Also, quiet acoustics

11:28AM EDT - and visually quiet

11:29AM EDT - Chrome arms are designed to 'disappear' from the look

11:29AM EDT - Three fans

11:30AM EDT - Xbox controller protocol

11:30AM EDT - No TB3, No USB 3.1

11:30AM EDT - Cable is fixed into the device

11:31AM EDT - Linear microphone array on the top of the display

11:33AM EDT - Surface Studio HD Camera

11:33AM EDT - Auto exposure

11:33AM EDT - Windows Hello

11:33AM EDT - 'We think you're going to love it'

11:33AM EDT - 'Performance is unmatched'

11:33AM EDT - So

11:33AM EDT - Price?

11:33AM EDT - CPU?

11:34AM EDT - 'Studio is category defining product'

11:34AM EDT - *a

11:37AM EDT - Now a video

11:39AM EDT - Pen support

11:39AM EDT - 'Turns a desk into a studio'

11:40AM EDT - 'Moving effortlessly between typing and drawing/annotating or other apps'

11:40AM EDT - 'Zero-gravity hinge that is weightless'

11:40AM EDT - 'Counter spring system for any angle'

11:41AM EDT - Surface Pen now

11:41AM EDT - Real time editing with the pen

11:42AM EDT - 'Putting it down to paper, it's a full sheet of paper on display with Truescale'

11:42AM EDT - Can lean right up to the screen

11:42AM EDT - 'Being able to write at full speed'

11:43AM EDT - 'So you feel the ink leaving the pen instantly'

11:44AM EDT - Interesting image on display

11:44AM EDT - Now Surface Dial

11:45AM EDT - Integrated global controls

11:45AM EDT - Dial on the display

11:45AM EDT - Like BMW's console thing?

11:47AM EDT - Madefire CEO on stage, creates 'Emotion books'

11:48AM EDT - 'It's important to have a digital workflow'

11:49AM EDT - 'Before it was writing in word, printing, draw, scan, rewrite, reprint, etc'

11:49AM EDT - 'Studio makes it seamless'

11:51AM EDT - Even from here, there's *some* lag in photoshop

11:53AM EDT - Demo of an emotion book on Madefire

11:54AM EDT - Panos on the stage again

11:55AM EDT - Video about uses

11:57AM EDT - In the video, the Dial gives the users a claw grip. That could cause cramp over time?

11:58AM EDT - Preorder today from $2999

11:58AM EDT - Available limited quantities in Q4

11:59AM EDT - Satya Nadella on stage

11:59AM EDT - 'Taking software, hardware and birthing new computer experiences'

11:59AM EDT - 'Creating a new platform of opportunity'

12:00PM EDT - 'Last 10 years have had a lot of new and innovative devices'

12:00PM EDT - 'Most innovation has been slanted towards consumption'

12:01PM EDT - 'At MS, our mission is to empower everyone to achieve more'

12:01PM EDT - 'Finding the balance between consumption and creative expression'

12:02PM EDT - 'The future about computers and computing is about this generation, the Minecraft generation'

12:02PM EDT - 'We're building Windows for each of us'

12:03PM EDT - 'Surface is creating new categories to turn the desk into a studio'

12:03PM EDT - 'Windows with Office, Windows with Gaming, as cloud supported AI accelerated experiences'

12:08PM EDT - Now an outro video. Looks like that's a wrap after two hours...



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  • BrokenCrayons - Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - link

    XP is not more secure. There are a lot of holes in the OS that are not and never will be patched because it's not gotten support in years. There are certainly cases where using XP isn't optional because of business-software related problems or personal finance issues, but it's a much better idea to move to a more modern OS if at all possible. Windows 10 is a data mining platform with a laundry list of data privacy concerns and I cringe when I have to use it, but it does better protect the end user from malicious actors. Well, malicious actors aside from Microsoft anyway. In that respect, Windows 10 meets a lot of computer security industry criteria that'd classify it as a Trojan Horse, but exclusively for the company.

    Linux is a great alternative and is my primary OS, but I think it's unrealistic to expect the vast majority of people to transition to it. There are a lot of barriers in the way of widespread adoption and I feel confidant in saying Linux not replace Windows as the most widely used OS. I've been tinkering with Linux since 1999 and made a full transition in 2013. It wasn't painless and I think most people would be too discouraged to stick with it. For the vast majority of average people, Windows is just fine. They'll just have to live with data mining because avoiding it means not only dumping Microsoft products, but also Alphabet/Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the multitude of advertising firms out there. Most people can't live without a cellular phone (or at least think they can't anyway) so they're pretty much tagged and tracked everywhere they go. If not by that, then by their game console, their smart television, their car's infotainment system, or whatever else.
  • Bullwinkle J Moose - Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - link

    Yeah, it IS more secure

    YOU are NOT a security expert!

    I AM

    Do your own research instead of listening to the same criminals who are pretending to protect you

    I concede that most of you will not know how to protect an XP box if you try
    I concede that you will fail 100% of the time when you listen to "The Experts"

    but you will NEVER be secure when you back a rigged system that steals "your" future and hands it to the Criminals who are pretending to protect you

    I would probably be banned for calling you all liars or idiots but there really is no 3rd choice

    It's one or the other I'm afraid

    Sad but true

    Sorry if the truth hurts
    That is not my intent

  • Alexvrb - Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - link

    There's no way you're a security expert of any sort. If you were, you just discredited yourself and nobody will take you seriously anymore. Anyone with a brain knows XP has more holes than swiss cheese and a lot of modern software packages (including the best up-to-date security software) no longer support it. Reply
  • Bullwinkle J Moose - Thursday, October 27, 2016 - link

    So hack my box tuff guy

    Knowing more about Windows security than you do does not discredit me in any way

    Point me to ANY malware infected website that can wreck my XP box and I shall promptly concede

    I cannot find ANY extortionware or persistent threat of any type that can permanently wreck this box and I have been searching for YEARS

    I research malware every day

    What do you do?

    I mean honestly, what do you do?

    No more lies
  • snowmyr - Thursday, October 27, 2016 - link

    I'm the head of the NSA and I just hacked your XP box. Game over.

    What I wrote is more believable than anything you've posted yet.
  • Donkey2008 - Thursday, October 27, 2016 - link

    You are just feeding the troll you know. Reply
  • Bullwinkle J Moose - Thursday, October 27, 2016 - link

    NSA huh?
    Do you want your zero-days back?
  • BrokenCrayons - Thursday, October 27, 2016 - link

    Given your responses in this conversation and claims of affiliation with Maximum PC and ZD, that involve international hacking attempts on a desktop PC operating system (Really, North Korea has very limited contact with the English speaking world and the NSA _does not_ and _will never_ engage in hacking competitions hosted by small private companies like MPC or ZD. Neither will most nation states in the sense that the country itself will operate under a national banner at a hosted event from a magazine publisher or online tech review site.) it's blatantly obvious you're using the anonymous nature of Anandtech's comments features to make unverifiable, false claims to support unreasonable assertions. Reply
  • BurntMyBacon - Thursday, October 27, 2016 - link

    @Bullwinkle J Moose: "Do your own research instead of listening to the same criminals who are pretending to protect you"

    I'd love to and I've taken more than a few looks around to find alternate sources of information. Problem is when I look online for information (you know, to research it) I get pointed to all kinds of places that support the same viewpoint as these so called "criminals" and their best security practices.

    @Bullwinkle J Moose:
    "I concede that most of you will not know how to protect an XP box if you try
    I concede that you will fail 100% of the time when you listen to "The Experts""

    Yet you offer no alternate source of information from which we may benefit. Without this information we have two choices: an XP box that, as you say, most of us will not know how to protect if we tried, and a Windows 10 box that "The Experts" tell us is more secure, but is also known to be more invasive of our privacy.

    @Bullwinkle J Moose:
    "YOU are NOT a security expert!

    I AM"

    Tell me, if you would immediately believe a post with the following characteristics:
    From an unknown entity on a random tech forum.
    Claims to be a security expert, but provides no credentials or supporting information.
    Discounts your own possibly extensive knowledge on the subject matter without knowing anything about you.
    Provides no supporting information with which you might be able to evaluate and possibly even accept the proposed point of view.

    I could go as far as to accept your claim of expertise at face value. Yet, this would do me no good whatsoever as your proposition that we should all drop Windows 10 in favor an XP box is marred by the fact that that we don't have the apparent expertise to secure it and you are too concerned with posting unsubstantiated claims of being hack-proof by state actors (who have no incentive to hack your nor tell you whether they were successful) to so much as point us in the right direction.

    Congratulations on having the only "secured" XP box in the world. For us lesser mortals, we have to make a trade off that gives up one of security (Our XP boxes), privacy (Win10), or flexibility (Linux distros). Of course, you could always point us to the places you acquired said expertise. Who knows, you might even get some people supporting your viewpoint and make the world a better place.
  • Bullwinkle J Moose - Thursday, October 27, 2016 - link

    Wow BurntBacon
    That was actually quite a well thought out comment

    I make XP Read Only with Driveshield
    I use an aftermarket Firewall and block EVERYTHING except my browser
    Yes, I even block ALL security software from sending or receiving (They are usually the problem)
    No Flash or Java allowed (Noscript/adblock etc)

    The only way in or out is through Browser flaws (ALL Microsoft components are blocked)

    I run the OS with FULL ADMIN rights!
    No security updates from Microsoft

    Just a free antivirus WITH NO SECURITY UPDATES!
    Targeted strikes CAN be made by updating an antivirus

    If I need a newer antivirus, I simply download the FULL package and install it offline

    I have tested malware against from thousands of shady sites over the years and I think it is about as close to perfect as I can get it at this pioint

    Fresh installs of Windows 8.1 with all the latest updates has been hosed several times by malware but the XP box is still going strong

    I would gladly use a newer version of Windows if they had one without all the spyware built in

    but until then, this works

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